Engaged and Overwhelmed Part Three | Choosing the Right Vendor Team for You

Engaged and overwhelmed? Then this 3 part blog series is for you! I’ll be giving you how-to steps to stay calm, plan your wedding and actually enjoy the process.

Hopefully you’ve just read part one : how to talk about money and your wedding, and part two : the importance of hiring wedding vendors. Now that you know HOW to talk about money and your wedding and WHY it’s important to hire a team to actually make it happen, let’s talk about WHERE to find this magic making team!

Choosing the right vendor team for you and owning your wedding is crucial, cause if you don’t have a great team in place, you might as well not have a team at all. What does owning your wedding mean? It means making it authentically you! Highlighting your individuality, your passions and quirks as a couple. Don’t fixate on creating a trendy “Pinterest perfect” wedding that doens’t feel authentically like yourself. I’ve seen it happen too many times before, couples trying to create a wedding that feels totally “now” and super trendy, but is that really you and your style? Everything is trending at some point in time, but your true self is always going to be uniquely you.

When choosing the right vendor team for you, think about your style, your venue and the season of your wedding. Like I mentioned in part two, search out (and stalk!) the vendors you like. Talk to them, look at their work and follow them on instagram and Pinterest, that’s why we’re always posting, after all! See who they love working with and who they’d recommend. One of your best resources for finding great wedding vendors are vendors themselves! Whether you’ve already hired someone or are still deciding, reach out and see who they trust to work with and execute a flawless event with.

You should be able to easily communicate with your vendors and feel like they really get your style and vision. If they’re not coming up with exciting ideas for your wedding then they’re probably not the right fit for you. I always ask my clients, “what’s the million dollar version of your wedding? And then how can we scale it back to your budget and still keep that same sense of wonder and joy?”

Get inspired! What’s your vision for your wedding? Search Instagram and Pinterest - not just for wedding bouquets and ceremony images, but for YOU - colors you love, places you want to travel, home decorating dream goals, fashion, architecture, textures... Whatever makes you smile and talk a million miles a minute, that’s what should be on your vision board for your wedding. I can tell you from experience this board with be 100% more authentically you and inform and inspire your vendor team than a compilation of the top Pinterest images for any given wedding search term. Trust me girl, we’ve all seen that bouquet photo a million times before. And while it’s totally gorgeous, you don’t want your wedding florist to design a bouquet that’s been made before, you want them to capture the spirit of your wedding through the flowers that speak to you.

Here’s a short list of some of my favorite vendors we love working with and you just might too! Planners : Gather Events, Whitney Werts & Co., Ashley Smith Events Photographers : Alixann Loosle, Catalina Jean and Marcela Pulido

Hopefully this has made the wedding planning process a little easier and made you more confident to dive in and choose your wedding vendor dream team!

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Let me know in the comments below if this info has been helpful and any questions or suggestions for topics I should cover in future posts. I’d love to know!