Engaged and Overwhelmed Part Two | The Importance of Hiring Wedding Vendors

Engaged and overwhelmed? Then this 3 part blog series is for you! I’ll be giving you how-to steps to stay calm, plan your wedding and actually enjoy the process.

Hopefully you’ve just read part one : how to talk about money and your wedding. Now that you know HOW to talk about money and your wedding, let’s talk about WHY it’s important to create a magic making team of people to actually make it happen.

As someone who’s been in the wedding industry for a while, lemme tell you that a stress free day is almost priceless. Obviously hiring a team of vendors (planner, floral designer, photographer, etc) is a financial commitment. But it’s also a job that’s really so much more than your best girl can handle, your grandma can arrange and your cousin can take on! A wedding vendor’s job is a lot of work and certainly not as glamorous as it may sound. Like anything else, the easier it looks, the harder it is. And making things look easy is just part of the job for a wedding vendor.

So where to begin? I strongly suggest talking to recently married friends about their experience planning a wedding and whether or not they chose to hire a full vendor team (planner, florist, photographer, dj, caterer, hmua, etc) or possibly just one or two vendors (day of coordinator, florist, photographer). You might be surprised to hear what their do agains and definitely don’t dos are!

Search (and stalk!) the vendors you like. Talk to them, look at their work and follow them on instagram and Pinterest, that’s why we’re post all the time, after all! See who they love working with and who they’d recommend. One of your best resources for finding great wedding vendors are vendors themselves! Whether you’ve already hired someone or are still deciding, reach out and see who they trust to work with and execute a flawless event with.

Think to yourself - how much do I want to be doing on my wedding day and the weeks leading up to it? How much stress do I want to take on the day of and how many people do I want to be managing? More than anything, wedding vendors are problem solvers and people organizers. With so many people and such a short amount of time, there’s lots of opportunity for things to get off schedule or someone to get lost in the shuffle of the day. If you don’t want to be worrying or delegating throughout the day, these are the five essential vendors you need for your wedding day - planner, photographer, caterer, dj and florist.

Next, think about what’s most important to you on your day. Is your celebration centered around the reception meal? Maybe cooking and food are your passion - then you want to make sure a good portion of your budget is put towards catering, or maybe even a rockstar guest chef. Is your guest list full of awesome dancers? Maybe your wedding is more of a time to unwind and catch up with family from all over the globe - then build an epic dance floor, book your favorite dj and make time to mingle with your guests. Have dreams of a lush ceremony surrounded by flowers? Want your tables to be overflowing with blooms? Then make sure to put flowers on the top of your list and budget accordingly! Figure out what’s most important to you on your day and make those things number one. If you start there, you’ll know what type of wedding vendors you need on your team and which extras you’d like to have if your budget allows.

I’ll be diving more into how to put together your vendor dream team in the last part of this series, so for now check out Brides Best Wedding Planners in America and get inspired! It’s a pretty incredible list, but shout out to some of our best friend vendors (friendors - yes its a real term!) and favorites : Gather Events and Ashley Smith Events. Still a little overwhelmed with budgeting? Here’s a great article on how to make a wedding budget spreadsheet to help you out!

Hopefully this has made the wedding planning process a little easier and made you more confident to dive in and figure out what wedding vendors you need for your day! In part 3 of our engaged and overwhelmed blog post series I’ll be explaining why it’s crucial to put together a vendor team that speaks to you, your style and works well together!

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Let me know in the comments below if this info has been helpful and any questions or other topics I should cover in future posts. I’d love to know!