5 Must Ask Questions Before Booking Your Wedding Florist

Choosing the right wedding florist can be a daunting and overwhelming process, but taking the time to find the right person who understands your vision is crucial to flawlessly bringing it to fruition. It’s not only about matching your design style, though. Its just as important, if not more important to find someone you really get along with!

Any talented florist can create beautiful flowers. So how do you choose who’s right for you? You want to find the person you can trust with your vision to thoughtfully carry it out on your wedding day. Finding a florist who totally gets YOU lets you rest easy, knowing they will design the best flowers for your day. Putting your absolute trust in someone gives them the opportunity and freedom to let their creativity shine!

Here are the five questions you should ask when looking for your perfect wedding florist :

Style - What’s your style? If they can’t define it, or it doesn’t align with the vision you have for your flowers, then its probably not the right fit!

Sourcing - Where do you source your flowers from? Are they local, seasonal, produced without pesticides? Are the farmers growing them being paid a fair wage? These are all important questions that will tell you a lot about the quality of flowers they use. Any good florist should be able to answer this.

Industry Friends - Do you know any of my other wedding vendors? It’s great to ask potential flower vendors if they’re familiar with the other wedding vendors you’ve selected. It makes such a difference if your wedding vendors know one another and are familiar with each other’s style. This is key to creating a seamless and cohesively designed event!

Delivery - Who will be setting up my flowers? The designer who created them or someone else? It’s so important to know who will be delivering and placing the flowers at your wedding. Someone other than the designer delivering and setting up the flowers may not have the same knowledge and skill to properly place the flowers where they go and make on-site adjustments as needed.

Rentals - Am I paying to keep all these vases, candles and other elements after the wedding, or are they rentals? Renting items are a great way to put more of your budget towards the cost of flowers, plus you don’t end up with 20-something of the same vase stacked in your garage.

Hopefully these questions have helped guide you in the right direction and made you feel more confident in choosing the right florist for your wedding!

Here’s a few of my favorite local flower farms, who work hard all year long to grow the best product possible for my clients : Tangled Roots, Vibrant Valley Farm, Indigo Gardens, Woodbine Flower Farm, Raindrop Farms and many more!

Britlyn SimonePortland