Where do we start? I’m not sure what flowers I like or even the names of the ones I do!

You don’t have to know everything or anything about flowers to have great taste. What season is your wedding? What made you fall in love with your wedding venue? After a short conversation about these other details of your wedding, I always have a vision of the flowers that will best capture your spirit and bring you joy on your wedding day.

How far in advance should we book you?

You should book us when it feels right to you, but typically couples book with us after they’ve selected their venue and have an approximate guest count - generally anywhere from 4 - 12 months out. With this being said, there are only a certain number of wedding weekends in the year and some months book up faster than others (looking at you, September). We’re in the business of “quality over quantity” which allows us to work closely with each couple and fully immerse ourselves in the design of each event. We intentionally don’t book up every weekend to allow for enough planning and pre-design time in between.

What’s your style?

While our flowers are distinct, we don’t ever want to limit ourselves or our couples creativity by sticking to one style - romantic garden, modern, tropical, minimal, etc. Instead we create the most beautiful flowers for each couple, that perfectly fits them and no one else. Each couple is unique and so are their wedding flowers. Always stylish but never the same.

How much do flowers cost? I’m not sure of our floral budget.

Each wedding is unique and each couples floral emphasis is different, but flowers generally make up 10 - 20% of the overall wedding budget.

Do I get to see what our flowers will look like before the wedding?

We don’t typically create mock ups of flowers before the wedding because so much of our flower product is sourced locally and seasonally - so creating an example arrangement in a different season wouldn’t be an accurate representation of the final product. But mock ups can be made if needed to help visualize the size arrangements will be in your venue or to get a better sense of color palette.

I love X type of flower and HAVE to have them in my wedding! (Okay not technically a question but I do have some advice on this one for you.)

If there is a flower you LOVE and must have in your wedding, either find out when it is in season and plan your wedding around that time of year, or get ready to budget for imported premium flower prices. Some flowers just can’t be sourced out of season because they are too delicate to ship (blossoming branches for example) while others can be sourced from overseas during the off season locally (lily of the valley, for one) but are exponentially more expensive.

Do you travel? We love your work but live in another state / country / on a houseboat floating in the ocean.

Hell yes! I’m packed and ready to go. Besides flowers, traveling is my passion and I’ll go anywhere either takes me. Tell me where you're getting married, and let’s make it happen.

How does the booking process work?

Fill out the contact form and expect to here back from me within the hour. From there we’ll have a quick chat and dive into your floral vision and expectations for your wedding day. I’ll create a proposal for you based on our conversation with detailed visual examples, seasonal flowers and design ideas. Once you feel that I’ve captured your spirit through flowers, you’re ready to book and save your date! From the moment you book through the day of your wedding, I’m here for you - for design advice, flower questions or anything else you need during the planning process.

I kind of know what I want but I’ve got lots of ideas swirling around in my brain. Can you give me some ideas on ceremony design and advice on what color napkins to pair with our flower colors?

Yes! I’ll give you as much advice as you’d like and I love knowing all the details, because that just helps to better inform my design. I’m not a planner though but I’ll give you my list of some of the best planners around, if you’re looking for one.

Do you have a minimum?

Our floral services start at $3,500. We like to be able to immerse ourselves in our couples weddings and create comprehensive, beautiful design. We also take on a limited number of smaller, more intimate events and elopements throughout the year and occasionally offer studio floral pick-ups for these smaller events that don’t meet our full service floral minimum.

Do we have to clean up all the flowers at the end of the night?

Not unless that’s your idea of a fun after-party! We got it covered, clean up and strike are included in our services. Some couples like to repurpose ceremony and reception flowers for farewell brunches or other wedding festivities. In this case, you can return rental items to our studio at the end of your wedding celebration.

Do we rent or buy all the vases from you?

All of our props (vases, large vessels, ceremony arches, candle holders etc) are rentals unless otherwise specified. This way more of your budget goes directly into the flowers and you don’t have to deal with boxes of vases after your wedding.

I’m worried about the weather and my flowers looking good. We’re getting married in the desert in the summer / on a glacier in the winter…

That may sound a little extreme, but in all seriousness, the weather plays a big factor in the flowers we choose for your wedding day. Think of fresh cut flowers like the produce in your refrigerator, their ideal conditions are to be kept cool, dry and in the dark. We use the best flowers for your season and location to maximize the longevity of their freshness. We incorporate dried materials, hardy and long lasting flowers within your palette and vision so they stay looking beautiful throughout your wedding celebration.

Still have questions that weren’t answered? Inquire here.