METAL + MOSS is a full service wedding and event floral design studio with over ten years experience transforming concepts into realities.

Our design aesthetic is a little bit hard and a little bit soft. We love the Dutch master painters and abandoned buildings. Delicate, soft flowers and old muscle cars. We believe that hard and soft are complimentary and we strive to find a balance between the two. We are METAL + MOSS.

Our Design Philosophy

ASYMMETRY: A balanced unbalance. Don't try to mirror yourself because one side will always look forced.

TEXTURE + SIZE VARIATION: Tie in large focal flowers and smaller filler flowers to create a visually balanced arrangement with variation. Some of the most interesting and intricate flowers are the tiniest! It's not always bigger is better. 

MOVEMENT + EYE FLOW: Keep it interesting and unexpected! Create movement and space within your designs to let your eyes wander around the arrangement to and from focal points.

SPATIAL AWARENESS: What space are you designing for? Don't design an arrangement for your dining room table thats three feet tall because you won't be able to see anyone sitting across from you. Think about the space the flowers will occupy.

FOLIAGE ISN'T JUST GREEN: Foliage comes in a whole world of colors to compliment any color palette from autumn golds to rich burgundy tones. Don't get stuck on green.

USE THE WEIRD ONES: The weirder the better! Our design highlights natures unbelievable oddities with uncommonly variegated foliage, vines twisting in wild directions and bug bitten patterns on delicate petals. We believe in foraging to find flowers and foliage you won't find at any wholesale market.

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