Wedding Info Metal And Moss - Portland Wedding Florist

Metal And Moss is a Portland Oregon Wedding Florist serving Portland and the greater PNW. Specializes in modern, lush, ethereal wedding flowers using local, seasonal, and sustainable flowers to create organic, effortlessly designed wedding flowers. Based in Portland but available for travel worldwide. We create environments and experiences with our floral styling, bringing wonder and joy to you and your guests.


You found your sweet thing and you're planning a wedding? That’s rad!

Chances are you haven’t done this before. Maybe you know what flowers you’re looking for or don’t even know where to start. I’m here to help. No matter the color, style or season of your wedding, there are beautiful flowers waiting for you.

What makes you the rad couple that you are, what inspires you and what are the experiences you treasure most? All these good things that make up your life, fill you with passion and bring you joy. Let’s drop the floral inspo board and actually get to know each other. Making something beautiful is easy. I’m here to create something beautiful that speaks to YOU.

We’re not just a florist who drops centerpieces and peaces out. I know how much space is needed on the table so your guests who talk wildly with their hands don’t feel crowded at dinner. And that your adorable little nana needs to be able to see over the flowers on the tables too. All these little details are important. I think about them. Careful consideration to detail throughout the whole experience, from the first email you send me to your wedding day. And stunning flowers too, obviously! My job is to make things a little easier for you while you plan the best party of your life.


Seasonal Flowers

Whatever season you choose, nature has something beautiful in store for you. Spring’s first appearance brings blossoming branches and dancing hellebores in soft, muted tones. Summer’s bold beauties, peonies and garden roses, follow quickly behind with their vibrant, bright colors. Autumn’s garden transitions into fields of dahlias and rudbeckia, heartier blooms kissed with shades of gold. And finally Winter graces us with delicate grasses and branches of berries with subtle tones and plenty of texture. The seasons turn and Mother Nature repeats herself once more.

I’m passionate about the flowers I design with and the farmers behind them, sourcing locally and seasonally to bring my clients the best product possible. Uncommon, delightful and intriguing blossoms.