We are lovers of art using flowers as our medium. We are observers of nature speaking in blooms. Like the Dutch maters and their paintings we create works of art that tell a story.  Capturing movement and motion, life cycles and time in static pieces, like floral paintings. Our aesthetic is like our philosophy on life. It’s wild, fascinating, textured, intricate, windswept, a naturally balanced unbalance.

There’s a deep connection between humans and flowers. We have nurtured one another. When we see flowers we see their history, their evolution and connection to the flora and fauna that are dependent upon one another and dictate their delicate beings.

We have been obsessed with all things botanical since we can remember, playing in childhood gardens, dissecting blossoms and creating bouquets. Our childhood fascination has become a driving force in our life and a passion that can't be tamed. We began working with flowers over a decade ago and have since seen our love of flowers take us around the globe. We are endlessly awestruck by the abundance of forms, colors, textures and scents that nature creates. Using a hopelessly twisted vine, an insect bitten leaf, or an unusually variegated petal to draw inspiration and inform our design. 


We have dreams of growing our own specialty flowers on a little patch of land we can call home in the PNW. Planting unique varieties of our favorite blooms (think old world garden roses that actually have fragrance!) and cultivating color palettes for upcoming weddings. In the mean time we work out of our studio in Portland and source flowers from our favorite local growers who are committed to healthy and sustainable flower practices.

So you're planning a wedding? Yay! Do you know exactly what you’re looking for or don’t even know where to start? It’s all good! Let’s get to know each other and talk about what excites you, what you love and of course a few wedding details…date, location, budget, color palette, pinterest are great places to start. We like pinterest as a visual reference board to get to know you better but let’s keep it to that. We love our style and know that you do too. That’s why you’re here. Our designs will be the interpretation of your style, color palette and our aesthetic. 

We don't offer set wedding packages because no two weddings are the same and we prefer it that way. Instead we create an individualized wedding plan based on your needs. We don’t just create centerpieces or bouquets we create environments and experiences with our flower styling. 

Let's talk! Contact us to book a consultation or email us directly

Once we hear from you we'll arrange a consultation to meet with you and your sweetie to get to know you two better and go over the details of your wedding. If you're working with a wedding planner be sure to include their contact info with your initial email so we can connect with them too. After our consultation, we will create a detailed proposal for you that will be your wedding day floral plan. We personally deliver and set up all of your wedding flowers to make sure they arrive in perfect condition, make any last minute adjustments and add finishing details. 

Love is found in all forms. We welcome inquiries from couples of all genders and orientations.


Flower subscriptions delivered to your home or office are offered on a weekly, bi weekly, or monthly basis. We also offer day of flower delivery and styling for dinner parties, small events, celebrations and holidays with advance notice.

Each arrangement is unique and made with sustainably grown, seasonal flowers. We buy locally grown flowers from small farms. Images are to give you a sense of our design aesthetic and not necessarily what flowers are currently in season. 

Head over to the shop to place your order or contact us if you'd like help planning the florals for your event. Please note in your message if you have any color or flower preferences, keeping in mind the seasons and we will do our best to accommodate your requests.

Please note we require a minimum 24hrs advance for all flower deliveries. If you are looking for something sooner please contact us and we will do our best!