METAL + MOSS is a small floral design studio in Portland OR specializing in weddings, celebrations, workshops and fresh flower deliveries. Each arrangement is unique and made with sustainably grown, seasonal flowers. We use locally grown flowers from small Oregon farms. Our design is based on rich textures, intriguing and uncommon blossoms and a balanced unbalance. We are observers of nature speaking in blooms.

What's in a name?

Our design aesthetic is a little bit hard and a little bit soft. We love the Dutch master painters and abandoned buildings. Delicate, soft flowers and old muscle cars. We believe that hard and soft are complimentary and we strive to find a balance between the two. We are METAL + MOSS.

Who We Are

Britlyn Simone has been obsessed with all things botanical since she can remember, playing in her childhood gardens, dissecting blossoms and creating bouquets. Her childhood fascination has become a driving force in her life and a passion that can't be tamed. Britlyn began working as a floral designer over a decade ago and has since seen her love of flowers take her around the globe. She is endlessly awestruck by the abundance of forms, colors, textures and scents that nature creates. She uses a hopelessly twisted vine, an insect bitten leaf, or an unusually variegated petal to draw inspiration and inform her design. The less you fuss with nature the better, because nature has already fussed with itself quite enough.

Tanzie Hickory has been creating installations and visual displays professionally for the past 13 years. Her work began in Miami, Florida collaborating with local galleries and major fashion companies to produce both on large and small scales. Tanzie's passion and talent has allowed her opportunities to create in major cities from New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Portland.